With the popularity of the Green movement on the rise, people are taking more measures to be environmentally conscious. Numerous new technologies, like Ingeo technology, have been developed to assist in the cause to be more environmentally friendly. Ingeo technology is basically the technology that focuses on creating plastics and fibers that are bio-based. There are numerous benefits to utilizing Ingeo technology for both businesses and the environment.

Bio-based plastics and fibers are derived from natural resources. They are most commonly derived from agricultural resources, such as corn, cellulose, grass, bamboo, sugarcane, and other such resources. Because these resources are already found naturally in nature, they will more easily decompose than some other types of synthetic materials. For instance, real plastic is derived from petroleum and won’t decompose completely. However, bio-based plastic will decompose into a form that cannot be seen by the human eye if it is placed within the right environment to do so.

Products that are bio-based are commonly referred to as compostable products since the way that they decompose is in a compost facility. Compostable products are specifically designed to decompose in commercial compost facilities where all the appropriate elements needed for successful decomposition are present. Some of the elements that need to be present in order for a compostable product to successfully decompose include microorganisms, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and water. All these elements must be present in the right environment as well in order for the decomposition process to work correctly. That is why such products are recommended to be placed in commercial compost facilities that have been BPI approved to have met all the scientific standards that have been set forth for successful decomposition.

While compostable products may be placed in a landfill, they are not intended to be put there. They may still decompose over time; however, the time that it takes them to decompose might be much longer, and the process might not ever finish completely since all the necessary elements and controlled climate might not be present. Compostable products may also be placed in homemade compost piles, but, again, the results are not likely to be the same as if they were placed in the commercial compost facilities that they are designed to be placed in.

There are numerous benefits that business owners can realize from utilizing compostable products. First of all, by using compostable products, businesses can have the satisfaction of knowing that they’re doing their part to preserve the environment. In doing so, they are also establishing a positive image for their business, since consumers tend to like businesses that give back to the community and take efforts to support the environment. Additionally, it is cheaper to get rid of compostable products than it is to pay the hauling and tipping costs of transporting trash to a landfill. Therefore, not only does it help the environment for businesses to use compostable products, but it also helps the businesses possibly generate more business as well.