For customers that meet our larger volume sales requirements, Excellent Packaging can deliver all of your wholesale foodservice supply needs. We stock a huge inventory of products, and offer fast, free shipping with every minimum order!

Whether your business is a restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, catering or institutional foodservice operation, our BioMass Packaging line of nature-based, compostable products has something for you.

Features and values that make a difference

Our expert, knowledgeable staff can show you how to green your company or institution with sustainable foodservice solutions that are specifically tailored to your type of operation. We want every product that you order from us to work the first time and offer free sampling for evaluation before you place an order.

We provide customized order guides that make it fast, easy, and error-free to reorder supplies. We send an Excel spreadsheet listing those specific items your business typically orders, along with item numbers. Just fax or email your order and we’ll ship it to you right away!

We are also integrated into the Ariba Supply Network for those customers who have access to their online ordering capability.

Your dedicated salesperson will keep you up to date on the latest, exciting additions to our ever expanding BioMass Packaging catalog, which is published monthly and available for download on our website.

And when you register with BioMass Packaging on our website, you can access our current price list just by logging in.

An immediate solution to your foodservice needs

We can set up an account for you right away. You can order what you need today, and in many cases we can ship the same day. Just give us a call!

We don’t believe in voicemail

When you have a question, you want to call and speak to a person, not a machine. And we want you to call us! We’ll answer your phone call promptly, it’s just what we do.

Our customer relationships are of paramount importance, so let our knowledgeable, dedicated sales staff take care of you, person to person. Call today!