Ultra Green’s TreeSaver™ Pizza Boxes & Lids


These days, customers want green products more than ever

Your competitors know this too. So how do you stand out and capture consumer attention? You offer products made from resources like sugarcane, instead of trees. You use disposables that you can actually feel good about disposing of. You offer customers products that perform as well as they look.

Recent research has shown a high percentage of consumers feel a company being green is important to their purchase decision. If you can “out-green” the competition, you can instantly gain a competitive advantage and foster positive associations with your business. And, because Ultra Green products are both earth-friendly and premium quality, they can help you command a higher margin at checkout.

The TreeSaver™ line: moving beyond recycled

Trees take 20 years to re-grow. Sugarcane takes 9 months. In many ways, it’s that simple.

Ultra Green’s TreeSaver™ line features premium quality, tree-friendly disposable products. Instead of using tree fibers, every bowl, plate, box and lid is made from 100% sugarcane fiber bagasse — the agricultural waste that remains after the juice has been squeezed from the stalk. Normally these waste fibers are burned, creating air pollution.

Ultra Green’s TreeSaver™ bagasse products are certified both ASTM D6400 and ASTM D6868 for compostability, meaning they are 100% compostable in a municipally or commercially managed composting facility.

Another option: recycled and recyclable

TreeSaver™ offers clear lids for their bagasse product line of plates, bowls and boxes. The lids are made from recycled PET, That makes them not only more renewable, but also allows you (and your customers) to re-heat and even oven bake right in the TreeSaver™ products.