Save our air, save our forests, use BagasseWare®!

BagasseWare® products are made using sugar can fibers. This means BagrasseWare®  does not use trees for their plates and platters. Our products are a great sustainable option from the common products made from petroleum and paper products.

Produced from biomass BagasseWare® is made from biomass that creates serveware products. Made from the fibers from sugar cane after the juice has been extracted from the plant, Biomass is an alternative material to paper and plastic. After the fiber has been turned into pulp it is molded to form BagasseWare® products.

Convenient and compostable

BagasseWare® products are made for both hot and cold temperatures. But they are even more than that as they are also leak-proof, microwave-safe and freezer-safe, and can handle hot liquids.

BagasseWare® is compostable in municipal composting facilities under proper conditions.

Choosing BagasseWare® products can help reduce greenhouse gases in our environment

  • As sugar cane plants grow, they absorb CO2 already present in the atmosphere.
  • Utilizing the salvaged waste fibers left over after harvest to produce BagasseWare® prevents the customary burning of this waste that releases CO2 and pollutes the air.