Food Service

Disposable food service containers including: clamshells, soup bowls, portion cups, deli containers, wraps, and takeout boxes and pails. Single-use packaging made from a variety of compostable materials.

Beverage Server Carafe

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Safely transport and serve bulk beverages without losing heat! Beverage on [...]

Food Prep Gloves

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Powder free, compostable food prep gloves that can simply be tossed in with [...]

Karat Earth® Stock Print Soup Containers

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Whether for hot soup or packed ice cream, these paper soup containers are a [...]

Karat Earth® White Soup Containers

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Great for anything from soup to ice cream, plain white paper soup container [...]


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A staple in any foodservice operation. The 4" Club, Cello Frill Picks come [...]

BagasseWare® Bowl

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BagasseWare Bowls are a sturdy and strong way to pack and serve any food, f [...]

BagasseWare® Burrito Bowl

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Nature-based BagasseWare® is a superior choice in sustainable food contain [...]

BagasseWare® Catering Bowls

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These sturdy pulp catering bowls with corresponding lids make transporting [...]

BagasseWare® Catering Platters

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These sturdy pulp catering platters with corresponding dome lids make trans [...]

BagasseWare® Clamshells

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Nature-based BagasseWare® hinged clamshell containers are sturdy yet light [...]

BagasseWare® Clamshells Ingeo Lined

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These sturdy, PLA-lined, hinged clamshell containers are great for both hot [...]

BagasseWare® Lunch Trays


Nature-based BagasseWare® compartment lunch trays are sturdy yet lightweig [...]