Plastics are a problem. What’s the solution?

351-83550Bags made out of plastic, like grocery bags, have been used everyday for years. The plastic used in these bags is bio-inert. This means it does not react to biological tissues, or it do not break down easily. Plastic will eventually disintegrate, but not fast enough to keep up with the amount we use.

EcoSafe 6400 products are 100% compostable. EcoSafe 6400 trash can liners are made with the environment in mind. Using co-polyester and corn starch, the trash can liners are bio-degradable.  Naturally occurring, co-polyester allows EcoSafe bags to degrade faster than bags made from other materials.

Compostable Bags For Home, Commercial and Institutional Use

EcoSafe 6400™ Compostable Plastic Trash Bags are environmentally safe and contain no heavy metals. The biological process of degradation returns the “organic carbon” in the material back to the natural bio-cycle as a food source for microorganisms.

All EcoSafe 6400 Compostable bags meet the requirements of ASTM D6400 and carry the United States Composting Council/ Biodegradable Products Institute certification logo.

EcoSafe designs their trash can liners to fit easily into the container and forms to the shape. This allows for the weight to be distributed evenly to avoid tearing the bag. EcoSafe maximizes the capacity and cuts down on leaks.

EcoSafe 6400™ Features

  • Superior puncture, tear & heat resistance
  • Excellent strength for greater load capacity at lower gauges
  • Ideal for collection of pre & post consumer food waste
  • Engineered to control odor & dissipate moisture
  • Extra strong leak-proof seals
  • Superior performance even with hot foods
  • 12 month shelf life when stored in a dry location out of direct sunlight
  • Totally breaks down in 10 to 45 days in commercial compost
  • Supports Municipal curbside yard waste collection programs
  • 100% compostable

Competitive Strength

EcoSafe 6400™ trash can liners were the officially approved trash bags used at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

Produced and distributed in both Canada and the United States by Plastic Solutions Inc., the EcoSafe 6400™ Compostable Bag assortment includes bin liners and yard waste bags in a wide range of sizes for industrial, commercial, institutional and retail distribution.