Part of the four brands from DW Fine Pack Inc., FreshServe. DW Fine Pack is a well known manufacturer with years of experience in high quality products. These products are for the foodservice, restaurant, grocery and food processor industries. FreshServe is made with unequalled commitment to the environment

From Concept to Container

DW Fine Pack was one of the first companies in North America to introduce, disposable foodservice packaging products made from NatureWorks® Ingeo™— a biopolymer made from 100% renewable resources. DW Fine Pack branded their bioplastic material as NaturesPLAstic®, and subsequently developed several product lines with unique, superior qualities well suited to the industry.

Clearly Sustainable Solutions

2009ECOSERVEweb-2FreshServe Deli containers are made from a NaturesPLAstic® (Ingeo™ biopolymer) blend and are the ideal solution for cold and dry foods such as fresh-cut produce, deli foods, nuts, candies, granolas, and more.

Available in both square and round shapes in a variety of sizes, FreshServe deli containers have a one size fits all recessed lid, saving SKUs, and keeping food safe and secure.