We all enjoy the convenience of disposable food containers. However, there’s a lot of information available about how plastic food containers are bad for both people and the environment. But what’s the alternative? Only use paper products which may not work as well and can result in other environmental issues like deforestation? Is there another option? A better option? The answer is, yes! Compostable Food Products are actually a great solution to this puzzling conundrum.

What is Composting?

You may be wondering, What is Composting? Well, organic materials, like yard trimmings, agricultural waste, paper, food scraps and compostable packaging, containers and cutlery, can be placed in an environment where they can easily break down into their component elements, this is commonly known as composting. This is accomplished by the introduction of oxygen, moisture and heat in order to make the material a perfect habitat for microbes that have the ability to break down the raw material.

Simply put, composting is the collection of these organic materials so that they can be placed in an environment where they can break down into compost, a high quality, nutrient-rich soil conditioner, mulch and natural fertilizer.

Compostable Food Products

Food Storage Containers

Over the past few decades, there have been great advances in the creation of compostable products for use in food packaging. These days, you can find compostable products for almost any food container need you have from Cups and Lids to Take Out Containers. In fact, if there is a disposable product that you’ve seen used in the foodservice industry, there is probably a compostable alternative that can be used. These products are quickly becoming more mainstream all of the time. And the best news is that they are already comparable in price to most of their paper counterparts and are pretty close in price to traditional plastic products as well.

Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that these compostable food products should end up at a commercial composting site for proper processing. These processing facilities are set up to properly handle these products so that they can break down into their component parts as quickly as possible. You can visit FindAComposter.com to find a composting site near you.

Here at Biomass Packaging, we want to provide you with compostable alternatives to traditional disposable food products. Visit www.biomasspackaging.com to learn more.