We live in a world with an exponentially increasing population. As food business owners, that’s fantastic news. More mouths means more hungry people looking to feast on your delicious delicacies. But alliteration aside, more people means more waste. More waste means more garbage bags. And for the green-conscious food business owner, that can pose a problem. To help solve your quandary, we present to you this top 5 list of reasons to go green with your garbage bags.

1. They are Renewable.

garbage bags

Though they are tempting because of their price, plastic garbage bags can only be created with the use of oil. Green garbage bags, on the other hand, can keep coming back when the oil is long gone. The process used to create them even reuses the majority of components required, which include water and natural biomass sources. You can rest easy knowing that they aren’t destroying the environment to create, and your garbage bag source will essentially never run out. You can now sleep soundly knowing you will always have garbage bags available.

2. They Save All the Oil.

Okay, so saving all the oil is a bit of a stretch, but by using renewable green garbage bags, it will cut down on the amount of oil used as the market for the plastic bags decreases. Plastic bags use oil in their creation, their chemical makeup, and sometimes in the process of disposing of them. Cutting all that out can save the fossil resource and the environment itself, which brings us to point three.

3. They Keep The Chemicals Out and the Nutrients In.

As a food service provider, your entire company revolves around getting tasty nutrients into your customers. You wouldn’t want to pump crazy amounts of cadium, lead, benzone, dioxins and more into their bodies. So why pump those into the water, air and ground through the old, cheap plastic bags? The green bags break down with no chemical residue and keep the earth healthy and rich so it can continue to make the delicious food you cook up for your clients. Win-win.

4. They Break Down.

It takes about 10 to 20 years minimum to complete the breakdown process for plastic bags. And during that time, plastic bags release all those previously mentioned nasty chemicals. However, green garbage bags compost in just 45 days. Let’s do some math: 45 days compared to 3,650 to 7,300 days. Thats 1.2 percent of the minimum time for a plastic bag. Just a bit shorter, don’t you think?

5. They Make You More Green (and by “green” we mean money).

According to several news sources, going green and using eco-friendly products make your business more likely to attract new customers and keep your current customers. People are becoming more conscious of what items do to the environment, and they want their favorite businesses to do the same. On a public relations side, it shows your commitment to important causes that involve everyone.

Going green isn’t impossible, and every bit counts. We hope these top 5 reasons to go green with your garbage bags help your eco-friendly endeavours. What are your top reasons for going green with your food business?