KraftFoodTray_WEBSeveral months ago, in response to the requests from many of our customers for a food boat that looked “natural”, we located a line of food trays that we hadn’t seen before in the marketplace. Instead of white trays printed with the usual red plaid design, here were food trays that were kraft in color and unprinted! Our Natural Kraft Food Trays have become one of the most popular products at our webstore ( It took us awhile to figure out what attracted our customers to them, but here is what we think makes this simple product so desirable.

Our natural kraft food trays represent simplicity itself and are a visual definition of “green food packaging.” They are unbleached and unprinted, so they’re less processed than the standard food tray. They are unlined while still being grease and moisture-resistant, so they can be disposed of along with food waste where composting is available. Very little material is used to make each tray, reducing the demand for resources. They are made of paperboard, a renewable resource. And, they look and perform exactly like a food tray should. They can hold all types of foods without leaking. Add to that the fact that they are less expensive than any other equivalent packaging alternative and we begin to understand why they are so popular. They embody the principal of using only the needed resources to make a highly functional product that performs exactly like it should.

This is the type of disposable packaging solution that we strive to deliver, with all of the products that we offer in our BioMass Packaging® line of bio-based serveware, to our foodservice customers and corporate feeders. Every product we offer will meet your expectation for performance and appearance. What you see is really what you get: eco-friendly packaging that will perform just the way you want it to.