As I’m sure you’re aware, there is a worldwide problem with plastic. We create it, we use it, and too many of us throw it away without a second thought. Thankfully, there are companies like NatureWorks who are working to make this world a better, greener place. NatureWorks is the company behind Ingeo™ Technology, the breakthrough biopolymer derived from annually-renewable, domestically-grown plant resources. Not only is Ingeo made from sustainable plant sources, but it is also ASTM certified to compost in actively managed municipal or commercial composting facilities.

Ingeo is being used, along with other green solutions, to make a surprising variety of products. Today, we decided to put together a list of some of the most surprising items that are being made with renewable resources.


Plastics bottles are used for everything from drinkables to cleaning agents. Their use is so commonplace that it probably doesn’t even register with many people just how bad they can be for the environment, especially when discarded. New bioplastics have made it possible to create bottles that work at least as well but with a much smaller impact on the wide world around us.

Plastic Cards

Think of how many plastic cards you have in your possession right now: credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, gaming cards, even hotel keys. Most of those cards are made from traditional plastics that are horrible for the environment, both in their creation and disposal. However, Ingeo can be used to create most of these cards, making it a much more eco-friendly choice.

”Durable Goods”

In economics, durable goods are items that are not for immediate consumption, do not wear out quickly, and can be used over a long period of time. Examples of durable goods made at least partially with plastics are phone cases, electronics, disposable razors, closet hangers, media cases and more. Creating the plastic components of these products out of Ingeo or other bioplastics can go a long way toward a healthier world.

Home Textiles

You’ve probably never thought about polyester being a plastic product. If you have, you may never have thought about just how many products polyester makes its way into in just your home. Take a minute to think of some of those products: pillows, blankets, mattresses, drapes, rugs and more. Ingeo fiber can be used in most applications that polyester is currently used for and is much better for the environment.


Like home textiles, many different types of apparel contain polyester, including shirts, pants, socks, coats and more. These items can generally be made from Ingeo fiber instead, and Ingeo fiber has additional benefits that polyester doesn’t. According to NatureWorks’ website, Ingeo fiber has outstanding moisture management; is breathable, comfortable and insulating; provides better UV protection than other synthetics; and is hypoallergenic with natural resistance to staining. Sounds like a great way to go green to us!

Serviceware & Other Food Packaging

Disposable serviceware and food packaging tend to make up a large portion of what our society throws away. We live in a disposable society, and many people don’t think twice about throwing away their plastic plates, cutlery and food packaging. That’s why products like Greenware® are so important! Greenware is a line of crystal clear cold cups, lids and portion containers made from Ingeo. Check out our online store to buy a wide variety of green serviceware and food packaging products made from materials like Ingeo, potatoes and even leaves.

These six categories of products represent a lot of different items that can be made from Ingeo or other green materials. By choosing to purchase products made from these materials, you can help change the world, one product at a time.