Eco-friendly living is all about living sustainably. But what does that mean? If you think back to the well known mantra from the ‘80s, you know that it largely involves figuring out ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle waste. In our modern world, however, we understand that being eco-friendly goes way beyond the three Rs. It also involves Carbon Neutrality, Composting, Renewable Energy and much, much more.

Earlier this year, WalletHub used 14 key metrics to determine which states were the most eco-friendly, with the metrics falling into two core categories: environmental quality and eco-friendly behavior. We’ve put together this infographic so that you can see how the states stacked up against each other. Is your state among the best or the worst eco-friendly states in the United States?

Read WalletHub’s original post.

Eco Friendly States Infographic

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