Disposable Bioplastic Alternatives for the Foodservice Industry are Endless

The efforts to “go green” are becoming more and more talked about. It is becoming so much easier to do your part to reduce your personal carbon footprint. BioMass Packaging is helping in this effort with their compostable products for the foodservice industry. Disposable plastics help decrease the amount of packaging and garbage that end up in our landfills.

Disposable bioplastics are beneficial at many levels. They are made from plant based resources, cutting back on the non-renewable resources used. They decrease the amount of garbage in landfills and as they are composted, they become a great fertilizer. Compare that to the plastics that have traditionally been used. Those plastics end up in the landfill and sit there taking up valuable land where it can take up to 1,000 years to decompose!

Why Are Plastics So Bad?

Not only do traditional plastics made from petroleum take up to a century to decompose, they have also been shown to cause the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) to seep into our food and body when heated or stressed. Not to mention the fact that the use of the already depleting oilresource. The more products we use oil to create, the higher the oil prices will have to become. When petroleum-based plastics are being converted into usable materials, small pellets called”nurdles” are left over. These pellets often end up littered and carried into the ocean where they are the cause of many ocean inhabitant’s deaths as they are mistaken for food. Petroleum-based plastics are detrimental to humans, animals, and the environment.

The Solution? Disposable Bioplastics in the Foodservice Industry

Bioplastics are made from plant materials like vegetable starch and cane sugar. The foodservice industry can make a splash in the “green movement” by transferring to bioplastic products that can be used in production of essentially every product for foodservice companies.

Utensils and Paper Products

pulp-based-clamshellsWhether you need utensils or to-go containers (with or without attached lids), BioMass Packaging has what you need. Our containers mirror the appearance of traditional petroleum made plastic, but are great for the environment! Cups for hot or cold beverages, soup containers, and cup trays are all made from compostable materials.

Cleaning Products

dish-soapIt might surprise you that BioMass also offers cleaning and janitorial supplies that are 100% cleanly disposable – from dish soap and floor cleaner to toilet paper and trash liners.

Office Supplies

thermal-rollsBioMass offers paper products such as printer paper, POS receipt paper and packing peanuts.

As the effort to be more environmentally friendly is quickly spreading, it is more beneficial than ever to brand your company as one that is doing its part. By providing environmentally friendly versions of all your foodservice business needs, BioMass Packaging helps make the transition a little easier.

For a full list of products, visit http://www.biomasspackaging.com/