Anyone visiting a restaurant needs a spoon, fork, and knife to assist with eating their meal. While many foodservice establishments use old-fashioned metal flatware, commercial kitchens and fast-food restaurants typically provide disposable eating utensils. Instead of damaging the environment with plastic utensils that are made with toxic petroleum products, restaurants can order environmentally safe knives, forks and spoons. Today, there are different types of compostable utensils that cause less damage when hauled away to landfills or, preferably, sent to compost facilities. Many people would be shocked to know how many thousands of pounds of disposable items are used in restaurants and commercial kitchens each day.

Affordable Eco-Friendly Products

Fortunately, there are environmental scientists who have found new ways to make disposable eating utensils that decompose into natural substances instead of leaching harmful chemicals into the soil and groundwater. While it is possible for shoppers to buy eco-friendly spoons, knives, and forks for use in their homes, large restaurants and commercial kitchens also need eating utensils. The managers of foodservice establishments can order many types of compostable utensils online in bulk packaging that makes the products cost less. Due to the low-cost of the eco-friendly eating utensils, it is still possible to keep meal prices affordable for customers.

Keep Customers Happy

Collection Eco Design ElementsPeople are becoming more concerned about the earth’s environment, leading them to visit restaurants that use eco-friendly products. Customers planning a visit to a restaurant may look for a place that displays recycling trash cans. Food industry establishments that advertise using environmentally safe practices and products while preparing and serving meals to customers can increase business on a daily basis. Most foodservice management would be surprised to learn about the different variety of materials that are used to make compostable products.

Renewable Plant Materials

While simple flat spatulas made of wood are still popular for eating ice cream at a restaurant, there are several other materials used to create eco-friendly eating utensils. Manufacturers are making an assortment of environmentally safe eating utensils suitable for commercial kitchens and restaurants from plant materials. Plants are considered a renewable resource for making products instead of fossil fuels, such as petroleum, that require thousands of years to develop in nature. The plant fibers and starches from corn, potatoes, and wheat are combined with oil from soybeans to make a material that is appropriate for utensils used in restaurants.

Attractive Eating Utensils

Food industry managers might have concerns about the various types of compostable utensils due to fears of the items melting in hot liquids or breaking while lifting heavier foods. However, the spoons, knives, and forks made from corn starch or wheat fibers are heat-resistant and durable. Commercial kitchens and restaurants can also find compostable products made of wood, palm leaves, or bamboo that supply an exotic look. Not only are the eating utensils durable and compostable, but the items are also attractive, making dining out a pleasurable experience for customers consuming a meal in a fast-food restaurant or commercial kitchen.