Earth Friendly Products Window Kleener

Remove dirt, fingerprints and smudges on glass, mirrors, plexiglass, fiberglass, and other shiny hard surfaces with organic lavender and the cleaning power of vinegar. Both of these age-old ingredients combine with coconut-based soap to make Earth Friendly Products Window Kleener safe for you and the environment. These ready-to-use natural formulations won’t harm UV film, dry to a streak-free shine and leave no residue.

  • Lavender or Unscented
  • Non-toxic, non-pollluting, pH 3.0-3.5
  • Made from purified water, ethanol, (certified organic lavender oil) or vinegar, and 100% coconut kernel oil-based surfactant
  • Made of replenishable, 100% sustainable, plant-based ingredients
  • Free of phosphates, ammonia, DEA, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, dyes, chlorine, synthetic perfumes, ammonia, GMOs
  • Easy to recycle #1 PETE plastic container with trigger spray

Earth Friendly Products Window Kleener™

Item # Description Case
562-93017 Vinegar 32-oz. Spray bottles 6
562-30104 Lavender 1-gallon bottles 4