Earth Friendly Products Dishmate™

Earth Friendly Products Dishmate™ Liquid Dishwashing Cleaner is tough on grease but gentle on hands and sensitive skin. Its powerful, ultra-concentrated, all natural formula is comprised of 100% sustainable, plant-based ingredients including coconut-based surfactants and certified organic essential oils like grapefruit and pear. Chemical-free Dishmate™ rinses clean with no soap residue.

  • pH 6.4-7.5
  • Low-foaming/sudsing
  • No streaking or spotting
  • Non-toxic, free of harsh fumes or vapors
  • Free of phosphates, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, dyes, chlorine, synthetic perfumes, ammonia, GMOs and caustic ingredients
  • Septic tank and gray-water system safe
  • Easy to recycle #1 PETE container

Earth Friendly Products Ultra-Concentrated Dishmate™

Item # Description Case
562-09721 Free & Clear 1-gallon bottles 4
562-72204 Grapefruit 1-gallon bottles 4