EcoTaster® Paper Tasting Spoons

No more one taste, plastic waste! EcoTaster Mini from EcoTensil® are disposable tasting spoons, made of sturdy, silky-smooth paperboard and are moisture resistant like a milk carton. Perfect for eating soft or bite-sized foods such as soft-serve frozen yogurt, cereal, chili, and deli salads. With one simple fold their flat, compact design become the ideal taster for in-store or event sampling.
EcoTaster Mini spoons are compostable and made in the USA from sustainable, renewable resources, but with much less material than other disposable spoons.

  • Silky smooth paperboard construction
  • Suitable for soft and bite-sized hot or cold food
  • Moisture resistant
  • Ship and store efficiently
  • Bamboo Dispenser Box now available!

EcoTaster™ Paper Tasting Spoons

Item # Description Case
416-00302 Eco Taster 3″ spoon 2500