• Made from annually renewable, sustainable, sugarcane
  • Moisture-proof Ingeo PLA lining
  • BPI certified Compostable
  • Custom Printing Available

World Centric NoTree Hot Cups

These unique disposable hot beverage cups from World Centric are made from sugarcane paper and a compostable Ingeo bioplymer (PLA) lining. Meaning no trees were harmed in the making of these cups.

Sugarcane is an annually renewable and sustainable resource. The moisture-proof Ingeo lining is also plant based which makes these cups eco-friendly and 100% compostable in a municipal or commercial composting facility. Matching Ingeo lids are also available.

Item # Description Case
453-20604 4-oz NoTree Hot Cup 1000
453-20606 6-oz NoTree Hot Cup 1000
453-20608 8-oz NoTree Hot Cup 1000
453-20610 10-oz NoTree Hot Cup 1000
453-20612 12-oz NoTree Hot Cup 1000
453-20616 16-oz NoTree Hot Cup 1000
453-20620 20-oz NoTree Hot Cup 1000
453-10508 Compostable Ingeo Lid for 8-oz Cup 1000
453-10513 Compostable Ingeo Lid for 10 – 20-oz Cups 1000