Different Types of Compostable Containers

Foodservice industry businesses can have a major impact on the overall state of the environment. For all types of restaurants, cafes, delis, and other food service businesses, waste from disposable plates, napkins, take-home containers, and other items may be generated. When these items are made out of materials that are known for not being […]

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Why Use No-Leak Compostable Containers

No matter what type of food business you run, you are sure to be in need of no-leak containers at some point or another. Perhaps you run a take-out business where you present customers with food to take with them on the go. You want to ensure that you place their food in no-leak […]

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Composting and its Environmental Benefits

Over the past few decades, there has been a huge push for people to be more environmentally friendly. While there are a lot of different things you can do that will create a positive influence on the environment, there is one very simple thing that not a lot of people have quite taken full […]

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Perception is as Important as Reality to the Environmentally Conscious Foodservice Operator when looking for a Green Product: Eco-Friendly Food Trays are the Real Deal.

Several months ago, in response to the requests from many of our customers for a food boat that looked “natural”ť, we located a line of food trays that we hadn’t seen before in the marketplace. Instead of white trays printed with the usual red plaid design, here were food trays that were kraft in […]

Smart restaurants add sustainability to their menus

Here’s my prediction for 2012: we’ll see less use of the word “greenwashing.”ť Why? Because any company or brand that’s serious about adopting sustainable business practices will have already integrated environmentally conscious attitudes into not just their back office and customer-facing operations but also into their core brand value proposition. Similarly, these companies understand […]

Plant-based options edge out Styrofoam in supermarkets

If you manage the meat, poultry or fish counter at a supermarket or grocery store, then you know how hard it is to find an alternative to polystyrene (foam-based) food trays. These trays are generally used to display and merchandise cuts of meat and seafood, including sushi, and can be shrink-wrapped and pre-tagged for […]

No more soggy food containers: introducing our new Ingeo-lined clamshells

Many foodservice operators, who might otherwise use bagasse-based containers for take-out foods, reluctantly use Styrofoam or starch-filled polypropylene containers for hot or greasy foods because they don’t want to risk food leakage or customer injury. But neither of these solutions is good for the environment. By working closely with PrimeLink Inc, the maker of […]

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Now available: sustainable, single-serve food packaging bags

Designed for the fast-growing “food-to-go”ť and packaged foods markets, and developed especially for Excellent Packaging, these easily compostable bags are ideal for presentation and display of prepared foods such as confectionery and baked foods. More importantly, these food-packaging bags are a viable and practical alternative to oil-based polypropylene and PVC-coated clear cellophane bags that […]

Grocery managers: now you can add extra green to your produce aisle

It’s rather ironic that, lurking the grocery aisle of many supermarkets and grocers, is one of the most planet-unfriendly substances known to man. We’re talking, of course, about the trusty plastic bag, which is generally made from polyethylene, a fossil-based plastic. And, like many plastic bags, produce bags are often single-use — many people […]

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