The Most Interesting Materials Compostable Plates Are Made Out Of

Foodservice managers may not have seen the wide assortment of environmentally friendly products that are now being made by manufacturers. Compostable plate materials are more varied than people think due to the ingenuity of chemists who want to protect the earth’s environment from dangerous pollutants. Old-fashioned disposable products were not made in an eco-friendly […]

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Why Use Compostable Boxes

The food industry is one in which various types of boxes and other such containers are oftentimes used to store food for delivery or transport. Restaurants that provide food to-go, such as fast food restaurants, as well as walk-in and dine-in restaurants might find the need for such boxes at some point or another. […]

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Out of sight, out of mind? Not so simple when it comes to disposing of garbage. If we aren’t careful, there could be many more areas just like the one mentioned below.

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Benefits of Using Compostable Shopping Bags

Various types of food establishments have the need for shopping bags. In dine-in restaurants, customers don’t always finish their food and want to take their leftovers home. Fast food restaurants, of course, utilize shopping bags to put customers’ food in so that they can take their food with them on the go. Regardless of […]

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Compostable Products Made Out of Corn By-Products

Nowadays, the Green movement is on the rise, thanks to modern technology and the realization of the impact that pollution has on the environment. More and more consumers are beginning to realize the difference that each person and business can make by engaging in environmentally friendly practices and activities. Therefore, it definitely pays for […]

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Compostable Products Made Out of Bioplastics

Foodservice managers who like the look and function of old-fashioned plastic products, such as eating utensils, soft drink cups, and dinner plates, should switch over to using environmentally safe compostable items instead. Modern bioplastic products made for commercial kitchens and restaurants are safer for the environment, leading to less pollution. Buying renewable biomass products, […]

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Why Use Cold Drink Compostable Cups

The public is becoming more concerned each day about using environmentally friendly products away from home. In order to keep customers happy about eating in a restaurant, businesses must begin to use an assortment of Green products that will not cause harm to the environment.

Nearly everyone drinks a beverage such as a soft drink […]

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What Happens To My Plastic Spoons?

Not sure what disposal option is best for your plastic or bioplastic spoon? See how long it really takes for certain items to decompose over time.

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How Fast Can a Compostable Plate Decompose?

The use of compostable items like compostable plates, cups, bowls, utensils, cup lids, and various other products is on the rise. More and more restaurants and other businesses in the food industry are beginning to turn to compostable items due to their environmentally friendly properties. No matter what type of food business you run, […]

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What is The Ingeo Technology?

With the popularity of the Green movement on the rise, people are taking more measures to be environmentally conscious. Numerous new technologies, like Ingeo technology, have been developed to assist in the cause to be more environmentally friendly. Ingeo technology is basically the technology that focuses on creating plastics and fibers that are bio-based. […]

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