Greenware® On-The-Go Snack Boxes

Greenware® On-The-Go Snack Boxes let you create an endless variety of meal and snack combos and showcase them while maximizing space on your shelves and cold cases. Made from Natureworks® Ingeo™ — a biopolymer derived from renewable plant-based resources. With three box configurations to choose from, there is no limit to the creative food combinations.

  • Crystal clear construction for excellent food visibility
  • For cold food use only
  • Sturdy and stackable
  • Available with 3, or 4 compartments
  • Convenient one size fits all lid
  • BPI certified compostable

Greenware On-The-Go Snack Boxes

Item # Description Case
203-09504 6″ Square Box, 3 Compartments and Side Well 300
203-09506 6″ Square Box, 4 Compartments 300
203-09521 Lid for On-The-Go Boxes 300