Align your brand with your commitment to sustainability

Reaching customers with your brand is more important than ever these days. Why not remind your customers of your efforts to be eco-friendly with every purchase they make?

You can display your logo, message and graphics with custom printing on a wide variety of products offered by BioMass Packaging. All of them can be printed with soy and water based inks that are CONEG certified (free of heavy metals) and FDA approved for safe food use.

Please call us for more information or to inquire about our in-house Graphic Design services to help you get you project underway.
The following items are currently available for custom printing.

Product Minimums Colors
BagasseWare® Clamshells 200 cases Embossing and 1 color printing
Baguette/Wine Bottle Bags 24,000 pc 1-4 colors
BioBag® Shopping Bags 102,000 pc 1-2 colors
BioMass Packaging® Beverage Napkins 52,000 pc 1-4 colors
BioMass Packaging® Paper Straws 24 cases 1-2 colors
Bio Pack Kraft Boxes 100,000 pc 1-2 colors
Coffee Bags 10,000 pc 1-4 colors
ecotainer® Cold Cups 150,000 pc 1-2 colors
ecotainer® Hot Cups 100,000 pc 1-2 colors
ecotainer® Hot Cup Sleeves 62,400 pc 1 color
ecotainer® Hot Cup Wrapped 100,000 pc 1-2 colors
ecotainer® Soup Containers 100,000 pc 1-2 colors
Food Trays 50 cases 1-2 colors
Grab-N-Go Paper Boxes varies 1-4 colors
Greenware® Clear Cold Cups varies 1-5 colors
Greenware® Clear Souffle Cups varies 1-5 colors
Grocery Bags varies 1-2 colors
Karat Earth Cold Cups 50,000 pc 1-4 colors
Karat Earth Double Wall Hot Cups 50,000 pc 1-4 colors
Karat Earth Hot Cups 50,000 pc 1-4 colors
Natural Kraft Sandwich Wrap 30 cases 1-2 colors
Natural Kraft Polycoated Sandwich/Freezer Wrap 30 cases 1-2 colors
NatureFlex™ Clear Wrap 30 cases
NatureFlex™ Clear Bags 30 cases 1-6 colors
Pull-n-Pak Produce Bags 180 cases 1 color
Shopping Bags – Twisted Paper Handle 6,000 pc 1-3 colors
SpudWare® Wrapped Kits 200 cases 1 color

BioMass Packaging offers custom manufacturing

If you don’t see what you want on our pages, we can either get it — or make it for you! If you have a fresh idea or design for an eco-friendly product, BioMass Packaging® can help you turn it into a reality.

Inspired by the vision of a completely compostable waste stream in our lifetime (zero waste), we have conceived and developed nature-based products from BagasseWare® to SpudWare® and beyond. As pioneers in research, development and innovation, BioMass Packaging’s mission remains to bring more and more sustainable foodservice industry solutions to market.

We’d love to collaborate with you — please contact us today to see how we can help!