These sturdy pulp catering platters with corresponding dome lids make transporting and serving food for a large group a breeze. The unique channel design at the bottom of the bowl helps to keep things fresh by allowing excess moisture to move away from the food. While their clear recyclable PET lid keeps it all contained and makes stacking and transporting easier with a unique slip-limiting pattern that nests into the underside of the container on top.

  • Commercially Compostable Platters
  • Recyclable PET lids 
  • Stackable for easy storage and transportation
  • Clear lid shows off its content

Catering Bowls

Item # Description Case
385-49112 12″ Square Catering Platter 25
385-52912 PET Dome Lid for 12″ Catering Platter 25
385-49114 14″ Square Catering Platter 25
385-52914 PET Dome Lid for 14″ Catering Platter 25
385-49116 16″ Square Catering Platter 25
385-52916 PET Dome Lid for 16″ Catering Platter 25