BagasseWare® Lunch Trays


Nature-based BagasseWare® compartment lunch trays are sturdy yet lightweight and great for both hot and cold foods. Made from bagasse – the fibers that [...]

BagasseWare® Bulrush Supermarket Trays

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Bagasseware-Bulrush Supermarket Trays, manufactured by Be Greem, are sturdy, unbleached and made of annually renewable bulrush and other plant fibers. [...]

BagasseWare® Bulrush Sushi Tray & Lid

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This sturdy, unbleached sushi tray is made fromannually renewable bulrush and other plant fibers, and is 100% compostable. The clear, anti-fog PET lid [...]

BagasseWare® Diamond Collection Plates

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The BagasseWare® Diamond Collection is a stylish choice in sustainability. Made from renewable bagasse — the fibers that remain after the juice [...]

Ingeo™ Sushi Tray & Lid

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This sturdy black sushi tray and coordinating lid are made from Ingeo™ a NatureWorks® biopolymer derived from renewable, plant-based resources, not [...]