Food Service

Disposable food service containers including: clamshells, soup bowls, portion cups, deli containers, wraps, and takeout boxes and pails. Single-use packaging made from a variety of compostable materials.

World Centric Deli Containers

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These deli containers with detached flat lids offer excellent visibility an [...]

World Centric Fiber Bowls

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World Centric fiber bowls are made from wheatstraw, a leftover agricultural [...]

World Centic® Fiber Clamshells

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World Centric fiber clamshells are sturdy and soak resistant, containing no [...]

World Centric Meat Trays

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World Centric Meat Trays, are sturdy, unbleached and made from annually ren [...]

World Centric Salad Bowls

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World Centric compostable clear salad bowls are made from NatureWorks Ingeo [...]

Wolrd Centric ® Souffle/Portion Cups

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These World Centric Souffle/Protion Cups are made from annually renewable w [...]

World Centric NoTree Soup Containers

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These heavy duty paper soup containers from World Centric are made from unb [...]