Packaging with the Future in Mind

The difference in Sabert’s TerraPac™ products is found in the eco-friendly,  material used to create their platters, bowls, and containers. Annually renewable sugarcane is used to create their molded fiber packaging, providing a new sustainable option for take out and catering applications

This versatile material creates a container that is naturally grease and moisture resistant, great for both hot and cold foods and is fully compostable!

The TerraPac™ lids are clear to add to appeal to your items. The lids have a pop-tight features, to prevent spills and other mishaps. Made from PETE they are easily recycled.

TerraPac™ has both round and square bowls. The round bowls are table-ready and are great for transporting in your car. Square bowls are everything the round bowls are and more. The square bowls save on space and are great for stacking.