Packaging with the Future in Mind

The difference in TerraPac™ products is found in the eco-friendly plastic alternative used to create their platters, bowls, and containers. Using an Ingeo™ blend, made by NatureWorks®, TerraPac ensures their products are made from annually renewable plants, instead of petroleum.

Ingeo™ PLA uses up to 68% less fossils fuels to be produced than the plastic found in most food service products. Ingeo™ is also the world’s first greenhouse gas neutral plastic (based on the purchase of renewable energy certificates by NatureWorks®, LLC.)

100% Compostable

The cold food packaging products, made by TerraPac™, add to the overall presentation of your food. In look and feel, they are very similar to traditional plastic, but fully compostable!

The TerraPac™ lids are clear to add to appeal to your items. The lids have a pop-tight features, to prevent spills and other mishaps.

TerraPac™ has both round and square bowls. The round bowls are table-ready and are great for transporting in your car. Square bowls are everything the round bowls are and more. The square bowls save on space and are great for stacking.

With the black glossy tray and the clear lids, TerraPac™products are great for catering events and parties. They come in a variety of sizes and types.