Crystal clear cold cups made from plants, not petroleum

greenware_brochure-1Premium quality Greenware® cold cups, lids and portion containers are the eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastic. Greenware® products are made from Ingeo™ biopolymer, a bioplastic resin derived entirely from plants. These plant sources are domestically grown and annually renewable – meaning they are replenished naturally within one year.

PLA stands for polylactic acid, or Polylactide, a versatile polymer produced by NatureWorks LLC. Ingeo™ biopolymer is NatureWorks’ branded PLA. PLA production utilizes dextrose as the base feedstock used in a fermentation process (much like beer or wine) which converts sugar to lactic acid. That lactic acid is then used to create a polymer, which is later converted to Greenware® products.

Plant sources used to make Ingeo™ biopolymer do not detract from the world’s food supply

The dextrose used for producing PLA currently comes from No. 2 yellow dent field corn grown within a 300-mile radius of NatureWorks’ Blair, Nebraska, facility. When at capacity, NatureWorks LLC will use less than one half of one percent of the available U.S. corn crop to make PLA.

Greenware® unique features:

  • Crystal clear transparency for total product visibility
  • Smooth rolled rims that provide a safe, comfortable surface for drinking
  • Leak-resistant, snap-fit lids that are easy to apply and remove
  • Durable material that doesn’t transfer flavors or odors
  • Same strength as petroleum-based plastic however Greenware® can be commercially composted
  • Stock print graphics that show customers you actively support the environment (Greenware® cups can also be custom printed with your own logo and messaging)

Composting Greenware®

Greenware® products are ASTM D6400 certified 100% compostable in actively managed industrial compost facilities which carefully regulate temperature, moisture and turning. Correctly done at 150 degrees F and 90% relative humidity, products will completely compost in approximately 50 days. Due to the variability in conditions, we do not recommend Greenware® products for use in home composting.

Greenware® products are not intended to immediately degrade in landfills. Properly-managed landfills are sealed, ensuring that no products placed inside will degrade or break down. And while Greenware® products can be recycled, most U.S.-based recyclers do not currently recycle PLA-based products.

To find a commercial composting facility in your area, visit

Family-owned, American made

Greenware® is made in the U.S.A. by Fabri-Kal — a family-owned eco and performance packaging leader for more than 60 years. Fabri-Kal, headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, employs more than 800 workers at manufacturing and warehousing facilities throughout the country.

Help increase sales, loyalty and goodwill for your business

Greenware® can be a powerful asset for your business, showing your customers that you care about the environment.Communicate that message by serving their purchases in Greenware® products’ attractive stock print options.

Or have Greenware® drinking and portion cups custom printed in up to 5 colors with your own logo and message. Call your BioMass Packaging sales representative to learn more.