Greenware® Cold Cups

Greenware crystal clear cold cups and lids are made in the USA of Ingeo™ — a Natureworks biopolymer derived entirely from renewable, domestically grown plant resources, not petroleum. Premium quality Greenware products are sturdy, strong, biobased and 100% compostable in a municipal or commercial composting facility.

CP Custom Printing Available

  • For cold food applications only
  • Smooth, rolled rim for drinking comfort
  • Resistant to flavor and odor transfer
  • Leak-proof, common size, snap fit flat lids with and without slots
  • BPI certified
  • ASTM D6400 certified compostable

Greenware® Clear Cold Cups

Item # Description Case
241-00107 7-oz Clear Cold Cup 1000
241-00109 9-oz Squat Clear Cold Cup 1000
241-00110 10-oz Clear Cold Cup 1000
241-00112 12/14-oz Clear Cold Cup 1000
241-00116 16/18-oz Clear Cold Cup 1000
241-00320 20-oz Clear Cold Cup 1000
241-00124 24-oz Clear Cold Cup 600
Greenware Cold Cup Lids

Greenware® Cold Cup Lids

Item # Description Case
203-05132 16/24-oz Cold Cup Sip Lid 1000
241-05207 7-oz Cold Cup Lid (Polystyrene) 2500
241-05110 10-oz Cold Cup Flat Lid 2500
241-05112 9/12/20-oz Cold Cup Flat Lid 1000
241-05116 16/24-oz. Cold Cup Flat Lid 1000
241-06215 9/12/20-oz Cold Cup Flat Lid (no hole) 1000
241-06216 16/24-oz Cold Cup Flat Lid (no hole) 1000
241-05114 9/12/20-oz Cold Cup Dome Lid 1000
241-05115 16/24-oz Cold Cup Dome Lid 1000
241-05124 9/12/20-oz Cold Cup Dome Lid (no hole) 1000