Deli & Take-out

NatureFlex™ Resealable Flat Bags

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Pack cold foods such as snacks and sandwiches in these crystal clear, resea [...]

Natural Kraft Food Trays

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These sturdy, unbleached, boat shaped food trays made from natural kraft pa [...]

Natural Kraft Polycoated Sandwich/Freezer Wrap

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Great for wrapping sandwiches and foods for frozen storage, this unbleached [...]

Natural Kraft Sandwich Bag

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Great for packing and wrapping sandwiches, cookies, bagels and snacks. Unbl [...]

Natural Kraft Sandwich Bag with Ingeo Panel

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This unbleached, chlorine-free natural kraft sandwich bag comes with a crys [...]

Natural Kraft Sandwich Wrap

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Great for packing and wrapping sandwiches, cookies, bagels and snacks, our [...]

NatureFlex™ Wrap

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NatureFlex™ cellulose-based wrap is a great bio-based alternative to petr [...]

NatureFlex™ Bags

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NatureFlex™ cellulose-based clear bags are made from wood pulp that is su [...]

Paper Pizza Slice Box

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This white paperboard pizza slice box is the ideal takeout container for pi [...]

Vegware™ Hinged Deli Containers

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Maximize deli and produce visibility with crystal clear VersaPak® hinged d [...]

Vegware™ Round Deli Containers

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Vegware round deli containers are renewable, compostable and just as strong [...]

Window Lunch Boxes

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These Natural Kraft lunch boxes are an attractive and efficient way to quic [...]