World Centric NoTree Cold Cups

World Centric NoTree Paper Cold Cups are made from sustainable, annually renewable bamboo paper, which helps protect our forests along with the wildlife and indigenous cultures whose lives they support. Additionally, the lining used inside and out to prevent leaking and condensation accumulation is a bio-based Ingeo compostable plastic, derived from plants grown in the U.S. Not only do these cups conform to the FDA guidelines for food use, they also conform to ASTM D-6400 Standard and are BPI Certified to compost in a commercial composting facility.

The stock print shows off your commitment to the environment with the NoTree message No Trees were harmed in the making of this cup. As well as being clearly marked as 100% compostable in a commercial composting facility. On the back it states Petroleum Free Bio-lining made from plants.

  • Made from renewable, sustainable, plant-based resources
  • Easily identified as compostable
  • Convenient one size fits all Ingeo Lid

NoTree Cold Cups

Item # Description Case
453-23112 12-oz NoTree Cold Cup 1000
453-23116 16-oz NoTree Cold Cup 1000
453-23122 22-oz NoTree Cold Cup 1000
453-23151 Compostable Ingeo Lid 1000