EcoTaster® Paper Tasting Spoons

No more one taste, plastic waste! EcoTaster Mini from EcoTensil® are disposable tasting spoons, made of sturdy, silky-smooth paperboard and are moisture resistant like a milk carton. Perfect for eating soft or bite-sized foods such as soft-serve frozen yogurt, cereal, chili, and deli salads. With one simple fold their flat, compact design become the ideal taster for in-store or event sampling.
EcoTaster Mini spoons are compostable and made in the USA from sustainable, renewable resources, but with much less material than other disposable spoons. The paperboard used to make them is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC)®.
The FSC guarantees that the paper pulp used comes from healthy forests and strong communities.

  • Silky smooth paperboard construction
  • Suitable for soft and bite-sized hot or cold food
  • Moisture resistant
  • Ship and store efficiently
  • Bamboo Dispenser Box now available!
  • FSC logo

EcoTaster™ Paper Tasting Spoons

Item # Description Case
416-00302 Eco Taster 3″ spoon 2500