Table Service

Palm Leaf Plates

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Palm leaf plates, bowls and serving trays are made only from two things: fa [...]

Paper Straws

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These paper straws, available in white or kraft, and are durable and strong [...]

Linen Like Dinner Napkin


These paper napkins have the look and feel of linen at a fraction of the co [...]

Masterfold Dispenser Napkins

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These unbleached 1-ply dispenser napkins are made from 100% recycled paper [...]


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SpudWare® incorporates bioplastic to reduce the use of petroleum plastic, [...]

SpudWare® Compostable

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This newly designed SpudWare® Compostable cutlery is sleek, ridged, and st [...]

Low Fold Dispenser Napkins

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The economical low fold single-ply TidyNap napkins are one of the smallest [...]

Unbleached Dinner Napkin

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Made from 100% recycled paper, these premium quality, natural color napkins [...]

White Dinner Napkin

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These premium, highly absorbent 2-ply dinner napkins are made of 60% bagass [...]

Wood Stir Sticks

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Made from sustainably harvested, annually renewable white birch, these extr [...]

World Centric Cutlery

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World Centric high-heat compostable Cutlery are a natural, bio-based altern [...]

World Centric Snack Cup

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A great little 9-oz snack cup, perfect for cold, grab-n-go treats. From hea [...]