Boats & Bowls

BagasseWare® Bowl

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BagasseWare Bowls are a sturdy and strong way to pack and serve any food, from salad to soup. Made from bamboo fibers with no plastic or wax lining they [...]

BagasseWare® Burrito Bowl

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Nature-based BagasseWare® is a superior choice in sustainable food containers. Sturdy yet lightweight these containers are made from bagasse - the fibers [...]

BagasseWare® Wheat Bowl and Lid

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BagasseWare-Wheat gourmet heavy duty natural brown bowls and lids, manufactured by Bridge-Gate, are sturdy, grease-resistant and good for both hot and [...]

Natural Kraft Food Trays

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These sturdy, unbleached, boat shaped food trays made from natural kraft paperboard are chlrione free, grease resistant, and good for both hot and cold [...]

World Centric Burrito Bowl

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Serve up everything from rice bowls, pastas, stuffed baked potatoes, to of course burritos in this versatile bowl. Its companion lid features vent tabs [...]

World Centric Fiber Bowls

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World Centric fiber bowls are made from wheatstraw, a leftover agricultural fiber. These bowls are great for hot or cold foods and are microwave and freezer [...]

World Centric Salad Bowls

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World Centric compostable clear salad bowls are made from NatureWorks Ingeo™, which is derived from renewable plant-based resources grown in the USA. [...]