Why Use Deli Containers to Package and Store Food

As a member of the foodservice industry, it is important to know the correct packaging and storage containers for specific kinds of foods. Consider the main types of foods you serve at your restaurant or cafe. Are they soups? Sandwiches? Fresh fruits or vegetables? Once you have your food products narrowed down, think about what kind of packaging is needed to store this food optimally.

disposable-bioplasticsIf you serve or sell food that could be found at a deli, try using containers that are meant to store deli-type food. These containers are made to make sure that food stays fresh hours after it has been stored. This is especially important for deli-type foods, which typically includes bread or other foods that could get stale and unsavory.

Deli containers are also great options for all kinds of salads. Most deli containers are manufactured in such a way that they will lock and seal in freshness and taste. This allows a green salad to remain crisp and fresh while also helping keep the robust scents of macaroni or potato salads contained in their packages.

If you are a foodservice business owner who is concerned about doing your part to make the environment a healthier place, there are also options to get compostable and disposable deli containers. You won’t be sacrificing any quality when it comes to keeping food fresh with these “green” packaging options . Deli containers from VersaPak® make it easy to remain environmentally friendly while storing food in clear, sturdy packaging that is easy to stack and move.

Using small paper bags or other products is not enough to keep your perishable food fresh. When you’re serious about giving your customers take-home packaging and containers that will maintain the integrity of the food they purchased from you, order bioplastic deli containers. Not only will they keep food well, but they will also help make the planet a cleaner, greener place.