For foodservice owners, operators, and employees, there is no longer any reason to avoid using compostable foodservice ware in your establishment. Almost every disposable foodservice product has a compostable alternative that can accomplish its task just as well as the non-compostable product. Not only is using these products easier than ever, but there are also plenty of other benefits to implementing compostable products into your foodservice ware.

Making the World A Greener Place

Many compostable materials are also made sustainably. This means they they are made from renewable resources like plants and plant-material. These resources are readily available and generally grow back annually. Also, there are more end of life options for products that are compostable. However, compostable product reach their full potential to have positive–as opposed to negative–effects on the environment when they are composted in commercial composting facilities. These facilities have complete control over the moisture, temperature, and humidity around the products, allowing for complete composting in around 50 days.

Cost Comparison

In the past, it didn’t seem economical for businesses to invest in compostable products because of how much more expensive they were than traditional disposable ware. However, with the rising prices of oil, many plant-based products are now competitively priced with traditional oil-based foodservice products. Also, the price of disposal for green products is much less than disposal to a landfill. Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington has switched over to using entirely compostable foodware, leading to a $70,000 reduction in waste disposal costs in 2012.

Positive Business Image

By using compostable foodservice products, you are conveying a message to your customers that you care about more than just the interests of your business. When you supply your customers with “green” foodservice ware, you are letting them know of your stance toward the environment and how we should be improving it. In our society, there are many people who have great respect and loyalty for businesses that are aware of issues facing our environment and are willing to do their part to help.